Selling Guide

The sales process step by step

Meeting & Property Valuation

Selling your property starts with a personal meeting at your home, which is totally free and without any obligations. Together we will find the right price of your property, make professional photos and start marketing immediately after the agreement. The services are completely free of charge. The seller has two options:

  • An exclusive agreement with Hello Sun
  • Listing by multiple real estates agents

Listing property as an exclusive agreement, will obviously yield the best focus and highest priority and listing by multiple agents can be very time consuming and less structured.

We start with a sale valuation of your home at any time convenient to you 😉

Our valuation of your home is based on multiple factors such as the condition and location of the property, previous sale prices, the area’s price level for other similar homes for sale in the area as well as several other things. We also talk with you about your expectations for the sale and what thoughts you have made in relation to the price level of your home.

We provide our knowledge/experience in the market gathered during many years of living in the area and via our reliable network and partners. We give you a thorough insight into the market: Are there buyers? What are other homes in the area being sold for, how long will it take to sell the home etc.

So whether you are selling a villa, a terraced house, a flat or a town house, we can help you get the best deal possible.

You´ll also receive all the necessary information about our commission and other additional costs involved in selling your property.

A brokerage agreement will be drawn up. This agreement is between you and Hello Sun, which allow us to offer your property for sale as well as the agreed terms and conditions.

You will be asked to deliver all necessary documentation of the accommodation and that´s it;-) the sale process will be started!

Preparation for Sale

As a rule of thumb, it may be worthwhile to repair small defects before the selling process begins. The small details can be of great importance when the buyer has to make the final decision.

Hello Sun can help you with a detailed assessment of what can possibly be done to make your home more attractive (if necessary) to as many buyers as possible.

See your home with the buyer’s eyes and settle into the buyer’s place. There may be things, that for you seems less significant, but that could discourage a buyer.


Together we will setup a plan for how to best market your home. We take the following into account:

  • Professional photos / video
  • Targeted online / offline marketing

Professional Photos/movies

Photos/video of your home is the first and probably most important step to reach buyers. Therefore it is of utmost importance that your home is completely ready for making awesome photos/video to present to the buyer. Here you find some tweaks to make your home ready:

  • Make sure to keep all surfaces as clean and tidy as possible—countertops, coffee tables, desks, windows etc.
  • Remove all small items (decoratives) from the accommodation. If you want some decorative items, leave 1-3 items. All those small items that we don’t notice will stand out in a photo.

When your home is ready, we´ll start making the photos/movie of your home. If possible and for your convenience, we prefer you are not home when we make photos. We need to do this process at daylight preferably between 1 pm to 5 pm, to have natural light on the photos.

Targeted online/offline marketing

An effective marketing is the most important part of the sales process. It is important to reach as many potential buyers as possible. Here is what we do:

  • Your home will be published on Hello Sun web site and various common portals used by all real estate agents throughout the area
  • Your home will be promoted on various social media such as Linkedin, facebook, instagram etc.
  • Your home will be introduced to our wide offline network both personal as well as by matchmails to relevant home buyers, etc.
  • Your home will be advertised in relevant local media, such as local newspapers or local / regional newspapers. Most often, a combination of print media and the Internet will be the optimal solution for effective sales.

Property Tour

We take care of all property tours. This is where potential buyers seriously make their choice. If you still live in the property we try to schedule the time with you as soon as possible and ask you kindly to prepare your home for the tour. Here is some tweaks:

  • Cleaning up
  • Turn on the lights
  • Open the windows to get fresh air in the property
  • Remove all redundant items from all surfaces
  • If possible put some flowers around

Remember that first impression is always the most significant in buying a property. Small things might have a positive effect on the price.

  • If you are abroad, we´ll hold the keys and prepare the home for each tour, so your home will be presentable every time.

When we find the proper buyer to your home, we´ll take care of all contact between lawyers, notary and all the necessary institutions, making sure that all documentation needed have been delivered to the attorney of the buyer etc. You just go to the notary to sign and deliver the keys to the new owner!

Now you might need a new home:-) We are here to help you with that!

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