Buyers Guide

Buying a holiday home or a new home is one of biggest decisions – especially if it is abroad.
You probably have many questions and doubts. Well, we are here to help you 😉

Tell us about your requirements and we will find the best options for you to choose from. If you already live at Costa del Sol, you only need to contact us and together we´ll find the best options exactly for you. If you live in another country here is the step by step procedure:


1. Book a flight to Malaga

As soon as we know the date of your arrival, we´ll find the best options for you based on your answers of these questions.

Often your stay is short so we do not want to waste your time and will already have prepared a selection of properties for you to see already from the first day.
We will pick you up at the airport or your holiday home if needed.

You can also book one of our holiday homes. We have a range of fantastic and affordable holiday homes on Costa del Sol, so you can mix pleasure and business 😉

Book accommodation at Hello Sun if needed

2. Guided tour to see the selected options at first hand

You´ll be picked up and all selected properties will be shown to you with detailed explanation of the area, the property as well as anything else you want to know.

3. Optional rent of selected property before buying (Trying before buying)

With some properties you can also rent the home you choose to buy as holiday home so you can try the home before buying.
If you decide to buy that home, your stay will be free of charge.

4. Informing of finance options, terms and conditions

You will be informed about all you need to know about the financial options, possibilities, terms and conditions.
If desired we will arrange a meeting with the professionals such as attorney or bank, often one that even speaks your language.

5. Cost estimate of any desired renovation, upgrading or conversion

If the selected home needs any renovation, upgrading or other work, we are more than happy to give you an offer.
We will manage the entire work and coordination and help with any required permissions and other paperwork.

6. Aftersales and practical guidance

Congratulations!! Now you have bought your dream home;-) But we are not finished yet! You have probably many practical questions and we are here to help. Also after signing the papers, we will always be at your service.

7. Rental opportunities and legalization (rental permission)

If you choose to rent your new home as a holiday home, we are here to help you from A to Z. We know the market and will also help you with all legal requirements.
Renting out your property could generate a nice extra income for you.

8. Maintenance and upkeeping of your property while you are away

We also offer you to give the best service of maintenance and upkeeping of your property while you are away, so you do not need to be worried about your home

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